November 6th, 2011


Infinite: Chapter Six (Ace)

Summary: They had an unbreakable bond. They were Club8. But when
one member departs, they realise that their friendship will either save
or break them.

(Chapter One: Jacky)
Chapter Two: Johnny)
(Chapter Three: Mac)
(Chapter Four: Gum)
(Chapter Five: Toppo)
(Chapter Six: Ace)

The plot/characters/setting was created before I had watched the
8Uppers film. This story is based from the trailer of 8U & the
Prologue of Patch.

[FANFIC] Negai (Wish) [Ryo- focused] PROLOGUE

Title: Negai (Wish) [Ryo- focused]
Author: estemarie
Cast: Ryo Nishikido, Subaru Shibutani, Ohkura Tadayoshi
Genre: Drama, Family, Friendship
Synopsis: Subaru, the cranky 30- year old man, is his Ryo-chan’s hero. Since they were little, the younger has always been dependent to his older brother because of the early death of their parents. But Ryo feels Subaru vowed to be on his side forever that he forgot to live his own life- a life that he deserves because of being such a great brother and parent to him. It’s like Subaru feels like he is still his little brother who needs him so much because of his weak body. Little did everyone know, however, that Ryo-chan only wish for one particular thing. And that is...


Junba winter hug

Sakura girl - Chapter 1: Daddy's girl

Title: Sakura girl - Chapter 1: Daddy's girl
Pairing: Kimura Takuya/ Nishikido Ryo
Multi Chapter in 7 Chapters
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Drama, au-ish, fluff, romance
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D - everything is pure fiction!
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: Ryo keeps a big secret since one year - and no one knows about it, except Jin. And Kimura assumes that something is wrong with his junior. He is tired and stressed, and that's not only because of his work. But Ryo didn't dare to tell him, or anyone else, about Ai, his secret 4 year old daughter.
Note 2: The story is dedicated and somehow requested by [info]lilly0

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Chapter 1 - Daddy's girl

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Hey does anyone here know where can I download Inu wo kau making/behind the scenes?
Ive not seen it being uploaded anywhere. );
Please do tell me if you know where I can get them! 

Thanks (: