February 6th, 2012


Hi Eighters all around the world!
A few weeks ago I sent an email to Teichiku Entertaiment about EIGHTxEIGHTER tour dvd, 'cause I saw on twitter (maybe? I don't remeber) that Yoko announced the release but there wasn't any information yet.
This morning, they answered me:




"Thanks for your inquiry.

Since we have not decided yet the release, we are truly sorry can not answer your request. If dvd release will be released, information will be available on web"

Now, I think that our mission is making them take the right decision about the dvd release, 'cause I WANT, I NEED this dvd! T___T

You can fill the form here:


or here:


With your name or user-name, email address and this message:



Translation: "Please release Kanjani8's EIGHTxEIGHTER tour dvd. Thank you"

If you have problems or questions, please let me know! I'll try to give you a hand!
Thank so much! m(_ _)m

PS: mod, I don't know how to tag this entry...

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