May 27th, 2012

maru : tsubusa

Boys on the run - a new drama for Maru!

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Maru’s got a new drama!! It’s called “Boys on the run” and will start in July on TV Asahi, every Friday at 11:15PM. It's a full hour drama and it’s the first time Maru will play the leading role!

The drama is based on a manga and tells the story of Tanishi Toshiyuki (Maru), a 27-year-old virgin who’s a salaryman and basically fails at life (you can check his looks here). He decides to start practicing boxing to defeat his rival Andou Ryuu (played by KAT-TUN’s Ueda Tatsuya). His trainer, Ooiwa Hana (played by Taira Airi – who’s currently working together with Maru on the stageplay BOB!), also works as a cosplay model and has strong sense of justice. She lost her hearing when she was 13. And of course he’s going to fall for her, haha.

Saito Takumi is also confirmed as part of the cast.

Maru said he considers this leading role a step up on his actor career and that he’ll be doing his best even though he sucks (aw Maru XD). Also, there will be pervy scenes (!!) so he recommends parental guidance XD.

Regarding the promo picture, I wonder if that’s the “once on a lifetime” thing he was talking about on his Jweb a while ago?? Apparently the promo CM will feature naked Maru, too! XD

There’s also an official website up already!

Way to go, Maru!! ♥

Sources: chipsandchai, cookiesmon.

Edit: In fact, apparently the story is mostly about sex and IDK how important the "boxing" thing will be (or even if it will get to appear!). There's a much more accurate post about it on Tokyohive. Also, moogle_tey has read a bit of the manga and wrote about it here. So if you don't care about spoilers and want to know what to expect, go there and take a look!

The CM says "They say that if you're still a virgin at the age of 30 you can become a wizard. But I don't want to become a wizard!!", haha. You can watch it here. Maru said he won't be naked all the time on the drama, though. XD