December 8th, 2012

Omedetou & Arigatou - Kanjani's fan video

Would anyone be interested in making fan video for Eito? ^^ 
Together with my friends we thought it would be great to make something like this to say our thanks to them.
The important thing is that we want to make it before New Year's Eve :) 

It can be anything. Short video or photo with Eito goods, or just goods~
You can hold a poster with short message (big letters, so it can be readable xD)

Since there were soome projects which unfortunately failed before, we decided to make a deadline.
You can send your photos until 24th od December.

If you want to record a video,then remember it can't be too long~ 
Please send the photos/videos here: 

Don't forget to write name of your country! ^^
(And your name, if you want xD)

Let's make it work out this time~! :D
Let's show Kanjani our support :)