January 9th, 2013

  • effi_g

JE Shop Photo Giveaway 6

JE Shop Photo Giveaway 6
shopphoto giveaway

So this is the first time posting about them here, but I hold JE shop photo giveaways monthly. 
This month I'm giving away a pic to two people who will be able to tell me exactly who they want a picture of.
As always there is a small flailing challenge to complete to enter.

For more info click the pic to get to the giveaway post.

Yasuda Shota is “Honored” to Play the Role of a Medical Prodigy

Last Jan 8th, lead actress Suzuki Kyoka together with Kanjani8‘s Yasuda Shota attended the press conference for TV drama “Yako Kanrasha“(Ferris Wheel at Night) at Midoriyama studio. Yasuda will play the role of a genius medical student, “my first role as an intelligent person, it is an honor for someone like me who is recognized as a ‘fool’ among my
”. Yasuda is enthusiastic to portray a new side of him for this drama.

Awww...Yasu, you are definitely not stupid! Have to see this drama as well as Maru's "Don't Cry, Hara-chan” with Tomoya.