September 9th, 2013

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Juke Box Details and Pre-order Links!

Kanjani8 new album Juke Box comes out on October 16th and today the details have been revealed! :) There will be three versions, as previously announced: two Limited and a Regular one.

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Shops in Japan will hold a lottery and there will be three different prizes: ticket holder, phone strap and stickers! Said bonuses will not be available if you buy the albums online, so it's out of bounds for fans living overseas - unless you know someone in Japan who's willing to get you the CDs and play the lottery for you! As for the units' performance poll, it seems that aside from the ticket included in the LE CDs you'll also need information from your concert ticket. So unless you attend a concert, you won't be able to participate!

Source: Teichiku

Pre-order links:

Amazon: LE-A / LE-B / RE
CD Japan: LE-A / LE-B / RE
YesAsia: LE-A / LE-B / RE

Please order your copy(ies) and support Kanjani8 if you can! :) I can't wait to watch the DVDs and listen to the new songs, specially the one made by Ryo and Yasu, the unit ones and "All is well"!! :)