December 24th, 2013

Ryokura 「大倉忠義 x 錦戸亮」

[FANVID] Kanjani∞ 9th anniversary project: “Koko ni shikanai keshiki”

First at all...
I know that this video must have been completed in September... but I didn't have enough time to finish it in a way that I like. gomennasai m(_ _)m
Anyway, I hope you like it ^______^
Thank you so so so so so much to all the eighters who sent their pictures :3
The link of the video was already send to the email adress of the radio shows of each member, so, I hope they could watch this ^///^

Though the link of You tube is private or something like this, you can share the video all around the web, because this video couldn't have been possible if not for for you.

Again, thank you very much, have a happy Christmas and a happy new year ^___^

2013/12/31: Final edit ^^