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New song ? " Saite Ikiyo"


I´ll post this as a rumor, but Í´ve been reading some japanese eighters blogs and many of them wrote about a new Kanjani8  song titled "Saite Ikiyo - 咲いて生きよ", that will be the new tema song of the TV program Sports Urugusu (the one that´s using Musekinin Hero now).

The song will start to be played on January 3rd !

I´ll put here the Sport Urugusu HP link, but I haven´t seen this news anywere here...

As I said: it´s only a rumor, no one knows if Kanjani8 will release it as a single, or not... 

I´ll be very grateful if anyone has some other news about it.

Thank you! and Happy New Year!
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