January 30th, 2016


[EIGHTERの本心] Interviewing 関ジャニ∞ fans at Tokyo Dome (ENG SUBBED)

Spent the day interviewing eighter (kanjani8 fans) about why they like kanjani and how they feel about foreign fans. I think it was pretty successful! I also answer my own questions at the end if you are interested in my own reasons for loving these boys.

Eito and Eighter mean so much to me, I had so much fun at Tokyo Dome for 3 full days! And hearing all the wonderful things eighter think about “gaijins” really made me happy.
Thank you to all the eighter that appeared in this video!!

Recorded @ 元気が出るLIVE Dec 18 + 19 2015
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I apologize in advance for any mistakes I make with my spoken japanese and all the translation subtitles I did by ear with no beta as theother girls are busy these days. Not only was the venue loud and windy, but I was super nervous while asking them for interviews- my hands kept shaking and I couldn’t get a stable shot because I had no tripod mount with me. Nothing but pure adrenaline for these interviews!

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