November 21st, 2016


Lyrics translation Takahashi Yu "Beautiful"

Hi all!

Before you kick my ass and say that this is not Takahashi Yu's group, please listen to my explanation ya! XD;;

I listened to Ohkura & Takahashi-kun's radio last week (19.11.2016) and Ohkura introduced his favourite song from Takahashi-kun's latest album Kishikata Yukusue. This song was made out of Yu-kun's conversation with Ohkura and it was so completely about Ohkura (and Yu-kun admitted that it was about him) that I can't help wanting to translate this awesome song, a gift from Yu-kun to Ohkura. Ohkura even made Yu-kun sang this song live in last week radio! XD The song is as below and the rough translation (as in not 100% correct but the point is there) is after the cut:

Collapse )