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hey everyone I have something to give everyone one here for once!
see the cut for screencaps and summary of kanjani on mecha iketeru!

so my friend has an episode of mecha iketeru with kanjani on. it's from 12/04 so uchi was there too. the main story of the show was that that year nakai had done the 27hr tv marathon, and at the end no one threw a party. so ninetynine(the comedy duo from mechaike) decided to take him around japan to celebrate. when they get to osaka they do a skit that is from mecha ike where they dress as yakuza and ride on bikes and have to know how to use the different counters in japanese (ex. people-hitori, paper, ichimai...ect..) so then ninetynine tells nakai that they have a special guest for them...and enter kanjani!

so here is some caps of them in osaka yakuza goodness!

yassu, ryo, tacchon, and uchi...

murakami, yokoyama, and subaru

and here are some individual shots.

maruyama (he makes a good yakuza)




tacchon(hes too sweet to look good like this!)


and mister uchi (he was being smart-alec-like to nakai here...too funny)

sorry i can't post the clip (it's so funny!) but i dont know how to rip from a dvd...if i ever figure it out ill post it!

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