September 6th, 2019

  • lalois

15sai Fukuoka report

I know the timing of posting this report sounds very unappropriate as of now... I am sorry. I finished writing this yesterday night and I couldn't even imagine we would have been facing 'the Ryo issue' right the following day.
I am glad I managed to put down my feelings as they were before these breaking news, though, for I won't change a word even if it's ridiculously 'Ryo-biased'.
If you feel like reading, you'll find it HERE

Balloting friends for 47 prefecture tour

Hello dear Eighters,

I know that the news about Ryo-Chan leaving Eito hit us so much 😢 I had only the chance to see him one time live. But I’m so thankful for it!

But now my question. It would be nice to connect with Eighters to talk, meet in person and hit for a ticket for the next tour.

Please leave a comment or PM or contact me on Twitter

Also if you know a LINE group, please tell me.

Sending hugs to all Eighters and Eito 💛💚🧡💙💜🖤❤️