Mina (minacchi) wrote in kanjani8,

Favorite Ohkura PV screencaps.

Before anything else... it's kinda late, but...


Hello, fellow eighters ^.^ Hajimemashite~ minacchi de~su. m(_ _)m This is my first post in this community (in any community, actually). :D This may have been already done before, but I made screencaps of my favorite Tacchon moments (yep, those weird, funny, perv (oh yess), and just plain kawaiiii moments) in the It's My Soul and Musekinin Hero PVs, like these...


...and posted them in my (newly-made) journal. ^.~ Just wanted to share them. :) Follow smiley Tacchon or pervy air-guitar-playing Tacchon to get there. =) I know that everyone has most probably already seen those PVs before, but I just couldn't help fangirling over the ghei-ness kawaii-ness~ =p (and I'm a big Tacchon fan, if you haven't guessed already. XD)

Also, I'm quite new around here in LJ and I don't know a lot of people, so it would really make me happy if I'd be able to meet (and fangirl with) you, fellow fans. :D (btw, any Filipinos around here? Hehe XD) So... yoroshiku ne~ ^.^v
Tags: pv, screencaps

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