August 26th, 2021

[NEWS] Kanjani8's new album "8BEAT"

So! Finally a new album after 4 four years!

The album title is 8BEAT and is scheduled to be released on November 17!

This time, too, they're collaborating with famous musicians! This time with Hyadain, Kawatani Enon, Kameda Seiji, Okazaki Taiiku, Ishiwatari Junji & Imai Ryosuke. (Ishiwatari Junji & Imai Ryosuke made a wedding song for Eito!)

It has 3 editions:

Regular Edition

CD with a total of 16 songs, including:
・Singles (Tomoyo, Re:LIVE, Kimi to Mitai Sekai, Hitori ni Shinaiyo)
・RIN, Kanki no Butai and Saturday Song
・9 new songs, including 2 songs that are only available in RE

Limited Edition

CD with a total of 14 songs, including:
・Singles (same as RE)
・King of Otoko and NOROSHI (Re:8EST edition, only available in LE)
・7 new songs

・Album making documentary
・Album's lead song MV & Making

Special Edition

CD Disc 1
・Singles (same as RE & LE)
・7 new songs

CD Disc 2
・Each member's solo

・Each member's solo MV
・Making of each member's solo MV

Go to the website for more info