November 27th, 2021

  • cl5

Kanjani8 CDs Giveaway from Longtime Fan

Update 11/28/2021 10AM (US Central)— I've got a few private messages by now so I'll respond to those first. Not taking new ones now. Thanks!

Update 11/28/2021 5PM (US Central) — I tallied all the discs (43 items in total) and the first three that messaged me are oldshunkerbell, railise, and marian6911 so I will try to divvy the lot up between them for now. I'll update here if things don't go through.



Not a sales post so I hope it is allowed. If not please let me know and I will remove it =).

I'm a longtime fan (started in 2006). You can check my post history for posts from more than 10 years ago. Over the years as my life stage changes I've been slowly giving away all my Eito stuff. I still have about 40 single/album discs and some DVDs, most are still in original packaging and never opened, and would like to give them away / find a new home for them. I just hate to throw them out to a random place and would rather have another Eighter getting some joy out of them, if possible.

The discs are for free and I just ask the recipient to cover the shipping cost (actual cost as shown on the receipt).

I live in the US but can ship domestic or international.

Picture: I still have a few earlier DVDs and many newer blu-ray concert discs that are not shown in the picture. I'm having a hard time letting go — as you can see — lol. If you have ones you really want, let me know and I might have them! 

Any interest? If more than one person is interested I can figure out a fairer way to give them away, whether it's a lottery or listing out all the titles so people can claim the ones they most want.