Ritu (kat_tun_ai) wrote in kanjani8,

translation help needed

Hello everyone:D
I've been lurking around this community a lot and its time for me to post something. Unfortunately this isn't a song or something like that. I'm actually writing to ask for some help.

You see, i have to do a research in my school and the theme I've chosen about is"Japanese music:Johnnys Entertainment" I know, a great themeXD
So here comes my request:would anyone be willing to help me translate the japanese wikis. That would include the early bands an the information about them too:)

I honestly hope that someone is willing to translate from Japanes into English:D

If you are willing to help, please comment to this post:D

A big thanks!!!

xposted to a lot of places:D sorry for making your flist full:D
Tags: translation: other

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