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hi eighters...
it's been looong time ago since my last fic about HSJ here
and a bit information, it's a comedy and parody about HSJ pv Mayonaka No Shadow... ^ ^
i dunno if it's funny or not, but if you have much time, please read it  and tell me how you feel.

this time, i come with another fic.
actually, this is my first fanfic about KANJANI8 since i became an eighter one year ago.
i wanna make this fic more funny in the next episodes but i can't make it like that in the first episode because it's the important part to build the story... also it's my first experience on history-related fic even if it's just a fic T-T
so i can understand if you'll say the story is strange... hiksss

ah... i've talk too much... so, if you will...

i proudly present:

[Kanjani8 on Renzoku Fanfiction]

Author: Maruyama Ruthie
Rating: G
Genre: History, Adventure, Friendship, Family, and Love.
Starring: Kanjani8: yokoyama yuu, murakami shingo, subaru shibutani, maruyama ryuhei, yasuda Shota, nishikido ryo and okura tadayoshi
note: it's just a fiction. there's no relation between this fic and the real history of nippon or osaka. well, it's my fist history fic, so i hope you enjoy reading it ^ ^


Once apon a time, there was a big legendary gang at Osaka city consisted of 3 young men. those 3 were called 3LAWS by the citizens. It’s because almost every words they said were becoming reality. Everyone had a huge respect for them because the words out from their mouths would always become a reality which brought lucky for the city and the people lived there. This things made them celebrities not only among the people at Osaka but also outsiders.

Their identities were yokoyama a.k.a Lucky, Then murakami a.k.a Yorokobi, And the last shibutani a.k.a Song.

( Episode1: History Will Always Return )

enjoy~ ^ ^V

Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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