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Cellphone Themes & Wallpapers

I have in my journal S40 and K800i cellphone themes for download. I've also put up some personal wallpapers (240x320) that I use in my phone for sharing. 


Kanjani8 (3)
Maruyama Ryuhei (2)
Artworks (3)

240x320 Wallpaper:

Sakurai Sho (1)
Maruyama Ryuhei (4)
Kanjani8 (3)
Artworks (1)

Previews and download links here.


And just for fun, it would be wonderful to have a Kanjani8 interactive game. :)) I'm not sure what it's called though.

AH~H. Maru  can take me to Osaka ANYTIME. D8

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