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Stupid Question about an Eito song....

I'm sorry to take up space in the community for asking such a stupid question that make me seem very much like I'm not even a devoted fan of eito.... but it's really bugging me and I have no idea where to find the answer to this other than here...

I was wondering.... the song Sayonara wa Itsumo... has it been performed anywhere else or released in some other forms prior to the release of KJ2??

I'm asking this because no I actually haven't listened to KJ2 back and forth ever. this is the part where I totally fail as an eito fan but I really do love them! I think I have listened to the songs a couple of times but according to my iTunes I have not played this song before but.... I did today and I already knew it and could sing along... so I was wondering if I learned the song somewhere else already or is it just me imagining things and I probably have listened to the CD before and I didn't realize it? I hope I'm not confusing anyone here >___<
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