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[AST] USO Japan -- Episode 10 (Subbed)

AST's USO Team presents their first release of the Johnnies program USO?! Japan. Standing for Unconfirmed Stories Organization, each week several Johnnies investigate paranormal or unusual occurrences in Japan.

This episode features:

Murakami (Kanjani 8) and Yamapi investigating the possibility of a mobile phone lie detector.

Shibutani (Kanjani 8) and Ryo (News & Kanjani 8) investigate a man with super strength:

Paranormal photos that freak out Tokio's Kokubun:

And finally, Nino and Aiba investigate a haunted hotel where a boy drowned 20 years earlier:

Episode 10 - .001
Episode 10 - .002
Episode 10 - .003
Episode 10 - .004

Higher quality and resolution to follow at a later date~

EDIT: I am aware that VLC player says the video is 'broken'. I am trying to resolve this problem. In the meantime, click 'Yes' to repair it and it WILL play perfectly.

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Do NOT repost without permission from AST!

translated by: fukyouwaon 
subbed by: me
Tags: clips: subbed

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