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How Johnny is perceived by the Johnnys

While we are all waiting for a new album, I thought it would be fun to share something I've translated a while back. ^^

I'm sure we have all heard about the quirky old man named Johnny, the president of Jimusho, be it through the rumoured scandals with the Johnnys or his well-known power to suck money out of fangirls' pockets. Perhaps we have a love-hate relationship with him.. but what exactly do the Johnnys think of their boss??

Click on Johnny Kitagawa to unveil his life-story as well as the impressions the Johnnys (including some eito members) have on him.

Kanjani8: K8 were pulling a prank in a recording studio when Johnny, who was directing something next door, walked in. Johnny saw what they were doing, took his stuff and left without any reaction. K8 thought they have gotten into trouble and braced themselves to be scolded by the manager but Johnny didn't raise the issue at all.

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