abcde (murasaki_anna) wrote in kanjani8,

Ryo Article in Sankei Sports

Just bought the "Sansupo" (sankei sports) newspaper at the convenience store.
Second page from the back had a big section on Ryo's driving accident. Basically the same details as we've all found out (about the incident I mean) as well as a profile of Ryo, a section on how Ryo is a popular performer, a small table showing other famous Japanese stars who have had car accidents recently, and another small article about other members of NEWS (Uchi & Kusano) who have gotten in trouble with the law.

Unfortunately I am at school and don't have access to a scanner so I could only take a bad photo with my phone >.<

Anyway, personally Im glad its nothing toooo major. Of course Johnny's has banned Ryo from driving for 6 months, but he wasn't banned from his work in any way, and he wasn't injured. Its unfortunate about the lady who was injured though. Lets hope Ryo chan is more careful from now on :)

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