Karen Pang (minlilin) wrote in kanjani8,
Karen Pang

Some Kansha ni EITO EP & KJ1 F·T·O Questions

I'm currently in the midst of listening to the guys's previous & older album material & I must say that they really surprised me in that their album tracks are nothing on what I expected .

I thought it might be the same as their singles which're more or less crazy & sane hits haha but guess not .

So anyway I have a few questions with regards to their Kansha ni EITO EP & KJ1 F·T·O albums & I appericate if you guys can help me .

For Kansha ni EITO EP :

Is this the last album to feature Uchi , vocals wise or is it KJ1 F·T·O ?

For KJ1 F·T·O :

Is there any solo tracks in KJ1 F·T·O ? I kinda have a nagging feeling for ONE because I only can hear Subaru's vocals on there (or so I think) & is Osaka Rainy Blues re-recorded without Uchi's vocals ?

Thanks & sorry for being so super curious over Eito but I suppose it's for a good cause that I finally decided to listen to them after being so apprehensive in listening to their music for the longest time .
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