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[translations] 0903 Wink up + others

A batch of translations~ 8D
9906 Mannish - YokoHina - the cuteness, theme: devils and angels XD
0903 Wink Up - Uchi, Daichi, Hama-chan, Senzaki, Kiri, Junta - after all the stuff they did together~
0903 Wink Up - Dengonban - the usual mess XD
(0903 Potato - FiVe & Question? - Subaru mentions, after Hatsu Hi no De before JROCK)
(0903 Wink Up - Question? & FiVe - Subaru mentions, after Hatsu Hi no De before JROCK)
0903 Potato - Eito no Ee Toko - good things about Tatsu!
090219 Recomen - YokoHina - script for opening talk with all of Eito
0903 Wink Up - Yasu, Kaza - before Kagotsurube (scanlated here by nani_ga at TFS)
090301 Utaoni news - Sho, Ohno, and Maru, official site entry on Sho appearance coming up
0202 Potato - Hina - young Hina ^^
0903 Wink Up - Eito - requirements~ 8D
Translations possible thanks to various scanners (credited in each entry unless they're my scans), thank you so much♥</lj>
Tags: radio shows, translation: magazine, translation: other

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