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Possible hack warning

I noticed this warning pop up on many major communities and I felt like this community must be warned as well. Apparently some major communities have had hackers hack into their ljs through old e-mails and take over the moderator position, claiming to be the mod and disabling comments, and claiming that they will stop using LJ as a platform for their community. Then they purge the mod's lj and also delete/purge the major community. And of course, who wants that to happen? So here are the main points:

  • Beware of a post that looks like this:

    Dear friends, I, as the maintainer of the community, have to inform you that, due to the recent tragic events, I've decided to stop using LJ as a platform for my community. From now on, all new depression-related materials should be posted to the new community I've recently created, as for old posts, you will be able to find them there.

  • Several links are included on the post. DO NOT CLICK ON THEM. They all go to pages that use the Cyrillic alphabet and includes viruses or keystroke loggers that log what you type, including passwords.

  • If you have happened to click on a link like this, please use a major virus scan, such as Avast, to remove any viruses or keyloggers from your computer.

  • If you spot any post on this community that looks like the one described above, please notify a mod as soon as possible. You may PM me (kipani_mariko) or nira_chan. You may also e-mail us at kanjani8seden@gmail.com. You should also report this post to LJ (by clicking on the flag on the top of the post).

  • For more information please visit http://upstart-crow.livejournal.com/346623.html.


Mari (kipani_mariko)

PS: Thanks to nira_chan for her help on this post.
PPS: Sorry about any spam this may have caused to your flist :)
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