who says i love Tacchon no more? (neo_hippie_cat) wrote in kanjani8,
who says i love Tacchon no more?


this is the first time i am asking here at the community. hope you could help me m(-___-)m

i have decided to make an Okura Tadayoshi media pimp post since i haven't seen one and i am currently working on it.

this is insane. i am halfway done with Tacchon's media pimp post (i think) but it feels like there's A LOT more stage shows, songs etc etc related to Okura. O_____O
i've tried searching on communities but i'm not satisfied and not really sure about whether i am searching for the correct details.

can anyone help me with this? please?

i am so lost with all of his stage plays, dream boys etc.
can you help by telling me the list of his stage plays? and the year?
i am really confused on such details.

and where was his october solo con held? was that the only solo con he had?
oh god, i fail at being a fan.
and sorry for asking too much.

Tags: !: question

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