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poll for school

hey guys!
if it is ok, i want you to do a poll for me. i have to do a school presentation with a friend and we compare japanese music with german music.
please write a comment, where you answer the questions!

hope you have time and help me!

thank you very much!

1. which language do you prefer, while you hearing music?
- english
- german
- japanese
- other:

2. which genre is your favourite one?
- hip Hop
- rock
- pop
- punk
- r’n’b
- blues
- classic
- metal
- visual kei
- oshare kei
- gothic
- other:

3. what are important facts in the music, you hear?
- text
- melody
- instruments
- voice
- appearence of the singer/band
- other:

4. which one is you favourite band/ music group/ singer? Why do you like them?

5. how much attention do you pay music?
- much
- not much
- don’t know
- other:

6. from where do you get your information about music?
- magazines
- internet
- TV
- friends /family
- poster
- other:

7. how much support do you give your favourite bands/singers? I buy:
- CDs/DVDs
- Concert goods
- Concert tickets
- other:

I create:
- posters
- fanletters

8. do you try to diffuse your favourite music?
- yes
- no
- don’t know
- other:

9. do you want that your favourite bands/singer get more attention in your homecountry?
- yes
- no
- i don’t care about it
- other:


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