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[Mod Post] Layout contest submission post

Dear Eighters,

Sorry for the little delay but here we have the LAYOUT CONTEST SUBMISSION POST! :D

Please post your entries in the comments here (comments will be screened). I'll write the rules again under the cut.

Here are the requirements (same as for the previous layout contest):

Layout Specifications:

1. Must be s2 with sidebars for easier linking
2. Text must be readable.
3. Colors must be pleasant to the eyes
4. Navigation should not be confusing.

Submission Guidelines:

1. Create a test journal to test the layouts in.
2. A submission post for layouts will be posted in about a week. All comments will be screened. Please provide a screencap of your layout as well.
3. After the mods have compiled the layout submission, there will be a poll with screencaps of submitted layouts.
4. In each submission post, it must have the following:

layout style: flexi squares, smooth sailing, etc
sidebar: y/n
compatible with: basic, plus and/or paid

And I remind you again that the contest deadline is March 27th, 2009 so you can post now up until then :)

Also, another little request from us mods is that please remember to tag your entries. And about the tags, I (nira_chan ) will probably change the tags on Sunday so stay tunned and please tell me what you think about the new list then :)

We are looking forward seeing your entries!

- nira_chan and kipani_mariko 
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