Karen Pang (minlilin) wrote in kanjani8,
Karen Pang

Question Regarding Bonus Track In Disc 2 Of 2 CDs Limited Edition Of KJ2 Zukkoke Daidassou

The title said it all . I realised that in the tracklisting for the 2nd disc pertaining to the guys's KJ2 album (Limited Edition , not the one with the DVD) , there's a bonus track after Ryo's solo stereo .

It's known as ボーナストラック「ガチンコセッション "いつかまた...。"」 according to what I found on YesAsia's site .

Is it some sorta secret talk ? I'm curious to know since I want to mention about this in due time when I review KJ2 via my music blog .

Tags: !: question

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