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[Mod Post] Tag list

Hello eighters (again),

First of all, sorry for the spam. I (nira_chan ) thought that maybe you might miss his post if I just edited the previous one. Secondly I wanted to apologize too for being slow about this matter. I'm really sorry.

Which i bring you here is the tag list I've been working on. I've tried to reduce it as much as possible and I've remoed some repeated tags that weren't necessary. But before changing everything I thought it would be good to show it here and ask you what did you think of it. So here is it:

* mod post
discussion: birthday posts
discussion: fan meetings
discussion: general
downloads: mp3
downloads: other
downloads: radio shows
downloads: video
fanwork: fanart
fanwork: fanfiction
fanwork: icon
fanwork: layout
fanwork: other
fanwork: video
fanwork: wallpaper
news: official
news: rumours
stage show
translation: jwebs
translation: lyrics
translation: magazines
translation: radio shows
translation: scanlation
translation: subtitles
tv: ariehen sekai
tv: can!jani
tv: classics
tv: drama
tv: drama sp
tv: eco-week
tv: honjani!
tv: janiben
tv: muchaburi
tv: news shows
tv: suka*j
tv: variety shows
video: clips
video: cm
video: concerts
video: fancam
video: pv
worth buying!

Significant changes I made:

- Reduced it from 87 to about 47 I think.
- Removed all the tags from every little show and news program. I thought it wasn't necessary to have a tag for every program they appear in from time to time since that list probably can just grow and grow.
- Made a "news:" tag.
- Reduced the "Worth buying!" tag to one.

What do you think? Is there something necessary I'm missing? I'm open to hear suggestions although I can't promise I can use them all but I will consider your opinions :)

Thank you in advance :)

nira_chan & kipani_mariko
Tags: * mod post

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