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Glorious Lyrics?

So I'm gonna guess most of you have seen the video that has longer versions of the "unit songs", which would include about 3 lines of Glorious. Since the entire song's supposed to be in English, and this is an English speaking community, I thought it'd be fun to see everyone's take on the lyrics.
This is the time to really test your JapaneseEnglish skills!

I'll start. If I weren't really trying too hard to make sense of the words, it'd be:
Glorious, glorious, miracle! You're the dreams that got a side/sight. Paint my world a god that so divide.

But I figured, why not make it sound more...reasonable?
Second take:
Glorious, glorious, miracle! You're the dream that guide us on. Paint my world, a gold that's so divine.

Now it's your turn!
And we'll find out who's right when the album comes out!
ooooooo the suspense...
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