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Kanjani8 Dramas

This is actually my first ever entry in livejournal... I hope I'm doing this correctly! I wanted to inform all the non-Japanese fans of Kanjani8 that there was an article in the Japanese newspaper that tells us more about the 3 dramas that the boys are going to star in. Here's the brief translation:

"Double" Subaru is the main character (well, it says here that he's gonna play two characters by himself) and he's gonna play a pianist in this thriller (!?). Maru is his manager.

"Dive to the Future" Hina is the main character in this sports drama. Yasu and Hina are going to be divers (remember the 8/15 Honjani episode?) and Ryo is gonna be in this one too. Apparently Yasu and Hina are going to show us some great diving performances.

"Kemarishi" is an action drama with Yoko as the main character. Okura plays his best friend.

Sounds interesting, huh!? I wonder when it's going to be aired. Hopefully within this year, but Yoko's drama is filming as we speak. So we shall see :)
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