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Puzzle Stuff - italian translations, some caps and old stuff...

I'm sorry it's only in Italian, but I've been translating some Eito songs lately so I wanted to share. I've been working also on Puzzle tracks.

I made a master post here @ my journal.

As for Puzzle new tracks, so far I made CD 1 tracks translations
一秒 KISS Ichibyou kiss here
アカイシンキロウ Akai Shinkirou here
パズル Puzzle testi
渇いた花 Kawaita Hana here
ゴリゴリ Gori Gori here
イッツ マイ ソウル(KJ3 MIX) It's My Soul (KJ3 MIX) here
ローリング・コースター Rolling Coaster here
My Last Train here
無責任ヒーロー Musekinin Hero here
ブリュレ Brule' here
>咲いて生きよ Saite ikiyo here
ギガマジメ我ファイト Giga Majime ga Fight here
情熱Party Jounetsu Party here
ワッハッハー Wahhahhaa here
どんなに離れてたって傍にいるから Donna ni hanareta tte soba ni iru kara here

Regular edition cd2 (SOLOS):
413man/横山裕 Jiichan (Yokoyama Yu) here

As for special units PVs lyrics:

Kicyu ones are here.
You can see ones are here.
Some caps from the PV (mostly/all Maru centered) here.

Batch of icons here.
I'm getting this post updated this week as soon as I add PUZZLE stuff to my LJ ^__^

Still sorry my translation are only in Italian, I'll do my best to add also English translation.
For the ones interested in those songs kanji lyrics, feel free to copy for your personal use ^^ Just leave me a comment when you take them ^__^
Tags: translation: lyrics

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