heysaydye (heysaydye) wrote in kanjani8,

TQS Started Today And..

Just finished watching the first episode of The Quiz Show. I can't say it's much different from what I expected. You can already watch the first season on viikii and it's pretty much the same. Well, I guess it's fun to see Yokoyama in something anyway, right? <3 Of course, he's playing all "crazy" but I am.. not convinced hahaha

I didn't take any caps or anything except for this one

Isn't that so JE typical? I mean, sure, the cap isn't what it seems like it is, but it's just so.. typical hahaha. So "roflcopter! FAN SERVICE!!"

And if you want to watch it in real time, you can use keyhole or tvants, of course. I always wondered how people got caps up so quickly and then someone told me you can just stream Japanese tv on your computer. So I thought I'd pass that information onto anyone who didn't already know hahah. (P.S. I am a Mac user who watches stuff on TVAnts through a parallel. It works fine!)
Tags: tv: drama

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