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PUZZLE - finding the missing piece

This is something started by eighters in Japan.

Basically, with Puzzle's release, we're going to send postcards to the president of Johnny's & Associates to ask for the return of Uchi Hiroki to Kanjani8.

Here's the original post in Japanese.

All Eighters Lend Us Your hands Spring 2009

It might be difficult to get organize a petition signed by all eighters,
so, let's do something that's different from the usual fan letter,
and in a limited time "write straight to the president".

「内くんを関ジャニ∞に戻してほしいです」 hope to have uchi back in k8
「内くんのいる8人の関ジャニ∞がみたいです」hoping to see a k8 with eighter members, including uchi
「内くんが復帰してよりパワーアップする関ジャニ∞を応援したいです」wish to support the return of uchi, a stronger k8
「内くんのピンクレンジャーもみたいです」Wish to see Uchi as the pink Ranger
「7人でも頑張っているけど、やっぱり8人がいいんです」Although they are working hard with just seven people, but having eight is better after all.

Why don't we let them know the love and passion that eighters have in our hearts for the Kanjani8 of eight?

Address: (From my own experience, if you're mailing from the usa, or other countries too I assume, it's probably better to write "Japan" up front in your official language.
(zip code) 〒107-0052

ジャニー喜多川 様  (<--- this is Johnny Kitagawa's name)

Point 1:
Please avoid using things that have to be opened (ie: envelopes) try to use postcards as they're easy to read

Point 2:
Express the point in the simplest way possible (eg:関ジャニ∞に内くんを戻してください、お願いします! Please let Uchi come back to k8, pretty please!)

Point 3:
Please do not use gelpens/markers that are difficult to read, write in legible fonts.

Point 4:
It'd probably be better if you include the sender's address and name, but it's really up to you.

Point 5:
Decorate the postcard with Uchi's color pink if you'd like.

Point 6:
If there's still space available, write down your passionate thoughts about k8 andk Uchi.

Point 7:
Check to see if there's anything that's inappropriate before sending it off.
    Are the addresses correct?
    Did you clearly write down the key words such as「関ジャニ∞」「8人」「内くん」?
    Can everything be easily understood?
    Did you include 「お願いします」(please)?

Point 8:
The goal is to send it by the first week of the release of Puzzle, which is April 22nd.
For those who can't make it before then, the deadline is set to be the end of April.
Hopefully more people would be able to participate during this time, and concentrate the postcards to this window of time.

The strength of one is limited, but together we can have great power.
Sorry about the sloppy English, I really suck at translating. For those, like me, who know nothing about Japanese, it'd probably be easier to limit that message to


and if you're like me, and have no idea how to write in japanese, keep the "ctrl" key down and press that  "+" key a couple times to see the details of those characters a little better.

I enlarged the characters and made them into images...hopefully it'll make it easier.
Click on the images to see them in ginormous sizes
(for the first one, please ignore the third line...it was too long so I don't have the complete sentence up.)

Here's the address
I *think* for the zip code you don't really need that strange symbol there, just the numbers would be fine.

Since I really don't have any postcards at hand, I'm thinking about using one of postcards from the little book included in the calendar. Just an idea.

I understand not everyone here is for this cause, and I respect that. So this is only for those who are interested.

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