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Eden on Acoustic Band, Glorious on Piano, Kawaita Hana on Piano

Hachi and the Band is back again ^^

Please, don't be bored with us.

Flash news: We will perform Eden and Fuka-fuka Love the Earth in an event that's held by local radio station on May 31 at Musro, Borobudur Hotel, Jakarta, starting at 11 AM. To have the best outcome, we would like to have your feed back on our practice session that, unfortunately, was not attended by our other vocalists, Hachi no Buruu. There are some notes about this practice video:

1. Guitar and vocal sound can't be clearly heard. We didn't have sound system and microphone to practice with. Sorry.
2. Percussion and piano sound is too loud. Again, this is because we didn't have proper sound system.

Other than these two points, please give your comment about our practice.

(click here to see Eden and Kawaita Hana)

And then, to celebrate Eito's new Album, Puzzle, Hachi no Nasu make a rendition of Glorious. Why glorious? Don't know. Just ask her why lol  Sorry for all the noise in the background. Jakarta is a very noisy city.

(and click here for Glorious)

Thanks a lot. HatB. Ijyou.
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