Karen Pang (minlilin) wrote in kanjani8,
Karen Pang

2 CDs edition of PUZZLE on sale in HMV Heeren

hmm I'm not sure how many S'poreans fans are there in this community but I got off the phone from HMV Heeren & they told me that they have FINALLY brought in stock for the 2 CDs edition of PUZZLE :D (they cannot bring in the CD + DVD to be sold here due to the censorship board :( )

It's going for S$52.95 (yes it's pricey but what to do ? :( ) & they said to me over the phone that they only brought in 5 copies & yes it's 1st press in that the photobook's left intact .

Before I put down the phone , the staff over the phone said that a copy was sold off already so I guess at this point in time there're only 4 left .

I'm going to get mine tomorrow before it's too late so yup .
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