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[translations] 090416 Recomen with Eito + old and recent articles

090416 Recomen translations here (scripts for three phone calls + random bits)
Hosts: Yoko, Hina
Studio guests: Maru, Tacchon
Phone calls: Yasu, Subaru, Ryo
Highlights off the top of my head: Yoko not realizing Tamori-san messing up his name, Maru's nipples get hard, Subaru offers to lick certain places if you buy enough copies of PUZZLE, how to read 413man, what Airairo means, where no-no-no came from, the money involved in You Can See, Ryo's lying on his bed trying to stay awake, and Yoko tells the story behind the 413man lyrics

Raw thanks to [info]ayanami05

And then translated articles from this year as well as a couple of years ago ^^

0202 Potato - Ryo, Hasejun - during SHOCK
0202 Potato - Uchi - about Osaka vs. Tokyo and V.WEST
0612 Myojo - Eito, THE CRO-MAGNONS - crosstalk!
0904 Wink up - Offshots - Tacchon, Yasu
0904 Wink up - Dengonban - Hina, Maru, Tacchon
(0904 Wink Up - Tackey- going to If or...)
090223 Oricon Style - Yasu - before Kagotsurube
090328 The Weekly Television - Sho, Yoko - short silly crosstalk before The Quiz Show
0905 Wink up - Dengonban
Tags: radio shows, translation: magazine

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