Sanada "TK" Usako (silvertsubasa) wrote in kanjani8,
Sanada "TK" Usako

Kanjani8 in Hiroshima

Hi guys, just a lurker here. But my friend and I (currently living in Osaka) really want to go to the Hiroshima show of K8's upcoming tour. It'd be cool to go another time but we're on exchange and I personally am leaving in about a month. We have a fan club membership and balloted, but didn't get tickets. Now we are looking for tickets but they are expensive and we can't use yahoo auction because our account is "new" and most sellers wont accept that.

I was wondering if anyone knew a good way around that, or just knew anything that might help. She's staying on, and has an excess of Osaka tickets for the end of tour btw.

edit: we did end up getting tickets, went to Harajuku and paid a lot, but we have them, thanks for everyones help!
Tags: concert, requests

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