K∞rgy (k8rgy) wrote in kanjani8,

aaaaaaaaaand more scans~!!! :DD

I'm on a roll now ;D

My new scanner arrived last saturday and I must say I haven't been able to stop scanning since then (only exception is when I go to work or sleep!). Therefore I'm now able to offer you K8rgy quality scans of Eito's "LIVE TOUR 2008! 8 Da Yo! Zenin Shugo!" pamphlet! With my old scanner I would have had to scan each page several times because the pages were bigger than A4, and I would have to work hours in PS too, putting the pictures together and I probably would have been unhappy with the results either way, but seeing as my new scanner is a wonderful A3 sized one - the problem is solved and each page is scanned in one go!! ♥
so now that better hardware to work with on my scans, expect a couple of gems from me soon! ;D

oh, here is the link to the Zenin Shugo pamphlet;
remember comments are what feed me ♥♥♥
Tags: scans

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