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Help?? Can't Find Clip

Minna-san konnichiwa!! This is my first time posting in this comm so..Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!!!
(Quick intro..)I started like Kanjani 8 long before when I heard that Ryo was in another group && when I watched Yukan club.

On to the question..

My problem is what it says on the title =____=""
I think it was sometime last week, I was checking a comm and found this clip w/ Ryo. The clip was with him and his Kanjani 8 member Okura getting their ears cleaned. It was like a spa thingy (remember that onee???), I'm not sure on what to call it x__X . But I do remember, on youtube it was called "Ryo and his eargasm" (somewhere along the lines..). The user reuploaded it and I left a comment for it, to download for later when I got home; since I was at my friends house. Anyways, I totally forgot about it until today when I was watching some old Ryo clips. I'm not sure if she posted it on this comm or the Kanjani 8 comm. Could anyone direct me to the user who re-uploaded it?? Or does can anyone show direct me to the entry??

Thanks! : )

p/s: MOD's, sorry If I did this wrong or something, you may delete if I posted this wrong...*bows*

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