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Maru, Yasu, Ryo, and Ohkura in KAT-TUN's concert

I don’t know if everyone already knows, but.


Maru, Yasu, Ryo, and Ohkura came out on the 2nd encore of Friday’s KAT-TUN’s BTR concert!!



I was lucky enough to go to KT’s concert few times this week, and I was even luckier to see Eito (well, part of them) too.

When the four came on the stage, Ohkura handed a bouquet to Kame, and on the message, it said instead of 8 (for the 8th day of the concert). XDD
They sang ‘Harukana Yakusoku’ and ‘Will Be All Right’ together, and it was really cute.

Maru had a camera (I’m not sure though..) around his neck, so maybe he took some pictures. He walked beside Kame most of the time.
Yasu had some weird hat on, and tagged along Koki. Ryo was next to Jin, and I think I saw a moment of hand-touching between them. (Aww..) He was pretty close to where I was, and it was kinda funny when he tried to follow the dance moves.

And about Ohkura… well, he was just wandering around the whole place. XDDD


Mezamashi TV did a little report on it, but sorry, I don’t know computer stuff so it would be nice if someone uploads it in this community :) 

I don't have super memories or anything, so if you want more information, there are many more great reports in KAT-TUN_LOVE

Anyways, I haven’t seen Eito and KAT-TUN live together since Dream Boys, so I was really happy. And now I will have my first PUZZLE show tomorrow~ whee~ XDD


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