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[fic] inglorious [ryo, subaru, ohkura]

Title: Inglorious
Written: 240509
Summary: How the 'O-gata-sannin' went about making their unit song. Ryo, Ohkura, Subaru, with guest appearances from Yoko, Yasu & Shige. WC: 1670.
Notes: This came about because the most surprising thing about 'Glorious' (for me) was that they sang in English. It's not so much a coherent story as a few random vignettes that popped into my head while I was on the train. I apologise deeply for the super-lame title. It came to me the same way most of this fic did XD

( in the background, the AD avidly watches their animated interaction, just glad that he finally has some decent footage that can be put into the 'making of' segment of the album's bonus DVD. )

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