just give me your smile ♫ (akumanakoi) wrote in kanjani8,
just give me your smile ♫

This is my first post in this community and I wish I had something of interest to share, but I don't. xD; Basically, here's the deal: I'm a brand new (week old) Kanjani8 fan, and (completely unrelated to that xD) I've had the worst week ever this week and what has cheered me up most, silly as it is, is watching Yoko and Yasu being hilarious and dorky and generally amusing. And so, I request from my fellow fans the most hilarious and dorky clips or images you have featuring either or both of those two, and hopefully if anyone is in the same situation as me, then maybe you will be cheered up also. Maybe I do have something nice to share. ♥

Actually, I do have one thing that might do it.

So, share? :D
Tags: requests

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