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Romania J-pop fans Meetup

Well, I don't know if there are any Eito fans from Romania around here beside me, demo I thought I would Post this since one can never know. So there it goes:

We proudly announce that a MAJOR JE fans meeting in Romania has beeen set up in Cluj- Napoca on the 4th of JULY. You are, therefore, all  invited to represent your favourite bands in a 12 hour long meeting along with other j-pop fans. We will have CONCERT PROJECTIONS, FANFIC and FAN- VIDEO CONTESTS and we will DEFINATELY have KARAOKE! Since it has already become a meeting not only for fans from Romania, ALL JE fans that can manage to get here are invited, be it from Romania or not!
The whole meeting will be organised in Band representants ( Like if you're a K8 fan you will be representing them).
For more details about the meeting and the organising part of it, go to .
PS. Ok, since this far I'm probably the only Eito representant, I would love to get to meet more K8 fans...

Maa, Ja ne minna! :D
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