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Mini-translation of TV Pia and TV Guide

I did a little translation of sections from TV Guide and TV Pia.

It's my first time translating, but these were so cute I couldn't ignore them :3 


"When you watch Eito’s performances, you can really feel their tight bond between each of them. -Messages to the members going around the tour together" 

During tours, he has a well-regulated life and is stoic. I feel like I should learn from him. Except, he seems to have trouble in memorizing his positions, so I wish he can remember them properly (laugh).

He becomes the most vigorous when putting out his opinions during the planning of the tour. He is a person that can take an objective view in everything, and watching such a cool guy is fun for me too.

During the band sessions, there are such times when I think “Oh, we meet eyes a lot during this time of this song!” We are depending on your drums!

There are some difficult parts of the unit song, so let’s do our best to not make errors (laugh). But the important thing is to have fun, so please overlook my mistakes, except for injuries (laugh).

When we are in the dressing rooms, Maru is the mood maker. You are really fun, so please fool around as much as you want, and make us laugh! (laugh)

Me and Yasu are doing a unit together; the time is just for us, so I really want to focus on it. Let’s make it a fun time together~

Yoko makes most of the rangers skit. He seriously is great. I can’t do that myself, so I feel both appreciation and respect towards him. He really is the ‘key-person’.


 Interview of Eito right after the Tokyo Dome show!! -June 1st part one (from TV Guide)

Nishikido Ryo
From beginning to end, it was really fun, especially when we come out on the stage. ‘Cause, you can hear the cheering of 55,000 people! For a comparison… like, a ground tremor? …Wait, no. Anyways, it’s just great (laugh). All the penlights they wave are really pretty, too. Also, I realized once again that Subaru is really kakkoii during the rock medleys. Oh yeah, and after the live, all of us went out to eat together!

 Yasuda Shota
Singing “Kicyu” in such big stages like Tokyo Dome and turning the whole place into a disco-mood was very exciting. Like, I felt like I was able to do what I wanted to do. Oh, and I believe everyone noticed now, but I changed my hair color to blond. This is a surprise present from me.
Well, this tour really shows our tight relationship and the importance of Eito to each member, so please come and watch!!

 Maruyama Ryuhei
Concerts give me lots of energy, so thank you all, from the bottom of my heart. This tour was based on an album so the responses were quite different from last year’s tour. Ichibyou Kiss was a “Oh, this song finally came!” kind of reaction, so I was able to feel like “you all listened to it!” And the togetherness of when we screamed “Kanjani8!!”; that was my happiest moment~.
I’m sure you will each have your own favorite songs, so for the upcoming lives, enjoy if the way you want to!!

 Okura Tadayoshi
This time, I really felt that only with the fact that we (Eito) were there, the audiences were there, and the music was there… a concert can be established. I was really glad to hear cheers from the songs and stagings we put up together. And reminded me that many things and people are supporting us~.
To me, domes remind me of their ‘scenery.’ Especially the view of 55,000 people when I’m playing the drums, no matter how many times I see it, is very moving. Oh, and the rest of the group’s broad (reliable) backs, too!

scans credit: Vendy <3

I'm sorry, there's tons of mistakes in there probably D:
but thanks for reading anyways♥

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