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Request: MSSL2007 Talk + Performance

Hello Eighters.

I am having trouble finding two files that I lost back at the beginning of 2008 when my computer died. I am asking for some help.

They are the talk and performance clips from Music Station Super Live 2007. Specifically, the 1280x720 ones. There is a torrent for them here but no one seems to want to seed it for me. I have already checked the community and subsequent links for these files in particular to no avail.


148.94 MB:: [MSSL2007] 071221 KJ8 talk.avi
477.48 MB:: [MSSL2007] 071221 KJ8.avi

Any help would be most wonderful! Whether it's upload or links to club/pd/gogo boxes. I am hoping someone can help me out, I've been looking for over a year now lol. Thank you for your time ^^,
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