Write it as a dream, read it as a goal. (ayu_t) wrote in kanjani8,
Write it as a dream, read it as a goal.

Fic - All our memories [5/8]: Returned when we couldn't see them coming

Title: All our memories { returned when we couldn't see them coming }
Pairing: Shibutani Subaru x Yasuda Shota
Genre: romance, angst, High school!AU
Rating: PG
Summary: Back in elementary school, Subaru gave all of his memories to protect Shota from that accident. Now that they have met again in high school, only Shota remembers what happened. Will he be able to leave Subaru before they get closer? Is disappearing again the only solution?
Notes: Kindly beta-ed by rainy_fruit :D
As I promised yesterday, here's chapter five. We've finally reached the climax! The actual problem begins now... *covers her mouth* As usual, I'll love you if you leave a comment ♥
Other chapters: 1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~ 4

Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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