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Giga Majime ga Fight and Gorigori Accoustic Version

As requested by[info]saraufc, we played more songs from Puzzle in acoustic version. This time, we played Giga Majime Ga Fight and Gorigori. We want to make something different, so we changed the arrangement a lot a little bit. Don't be shocked to hear rap in the middle of Giga Majime ga Fight.

We can say that we don't really practice for these, in fact, lots of arrangement ideas came on the spot. So if you find lots of mistakes, please bear with it. Two of our members couldn't come, so we only did what we could do at that time.

We had fun playing these, and we hope you all enjoy these also.

To Giga Majime ga Fight and Gorigori Acoustic Version)


ps: if you need chords from these songs, just tell us in comment box. Thanks

Tags: fanwork: other, fanwork: video, k8 fans

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