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What to look forward to in the Kanjani8 community!

Hello eighters! Prepare yourself, for there is a lot of information coming up in this post. Feel free to comment or e-mail us at kanjani8seden@gmail.com if you have any questions!

- We have received some complaints about members of the community bashing members of K8 (including Uchi) in Eden. We ask that you keep your opinions of the K8 members to your personal journals. To quote the original rule, any kind of flaming is NOT allowed.
- Please do not post any sales posts or community advertisements to the main community. To advertise your community, you may comment to advertise on the sidebar. For community owners and subbing communities, please stay tuned to the latter part of the post for a proposal for you.
- If you post an entry that will be locked within a certain period of time, leave your post untagged! We realize that this is a relatively new rule so it will take some time to get used to, but all the same we urge you to please follow it.

2) If you have an issue with comments of a post you made in the community, you are free to delete and freeze comments as you wish. Otherwise we will not know about issues about comments unless we are notified about them. If you felt like your comment was deleted for no apparent reason, please let us know.

3) How do you feel about rumors that are posted in the community? Please vote below.

Poll #1423799 Rumors
This poll is closed.

Do you like rumors being posted in the main community?

Yes I do. Please keep them here.
No I don't. Please ban them.

4) COMMUNITY MODERATORS AND SUBBING COMMUNITIES PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THIS POINT. We have come up with an idea to make monthly posts advertising new communities and subbing communities' latest releases. *Edited for clarity* Links to locked posts are still not allowed in the main community. You may post a public post in your own journal/community listing your recent releases and send the link to us mods. We will then link to each subbing community's public post when we advertise the new communities on the same post. That way if members are interested they are free to join the community or not but will not be flooded with links to locked posts, as was the original problem that led to the decision of not linking to locked journals. Unlocked posts from subbing communities will still be allowed to be posted whenever there are releases in the main community. This is mainly for subbing communities that provide only locked releases, but any subbing community is invited to participate.

Poll #1423800 Monthly community advertisements and subbing community release posts
This poll is closed.

Monthly community advertisement posts?

Yes please do that!
No don't do that.

Monthly subbing community release posts?

Yes please do that!
No don't do that.

Remember, these would all be mentioned in the same post by the mods each month.

5) A member brought to attention to us recently the issue about reposting scans from Vendy's blog in Eden. As mentioned in this post, she does not want us to repost her scans without her explicit permission, but to link to her blog if you want to comment with your thanks. As the member kindly translated for us, she said "If you want more people to see these scans, why don't you honestly ask me for permission to repost these, or simply give your friends the link to my blog?" So please from now on do not share Vendy's scans in the main community anymore, but direct people there to express thanks. And for those who repost scans of others in general to the main community, please be mindful of whether the original scanner allows people reposting their scans as well.

6) There will be a userinfo profile design competition for this community coming up soon, so please keep your eyes out for this! The competition will begin after these current polls have been voted and decided upon.

That is it! Again, feel free to comment or e-mail us if you have any questions!

- Your mods kipani_mariko and nira_chan

Polls will close in 3 days from now.
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